Water treatments have been at all times and are the most popular for children and adults. They have always had a positive effect, helped to overcome everyday stress and strains of everyday work.

In the fitness center «Edem Fitness & Spa» the cleanest pool water is in the disposal of customers.

Water aerobics

Today water aerobics is the most effective tool for those who want to restore their health, lose weight and maintain a healthy body. With water aerobics, you can quickly get rid of cellulite.

People who have disease, such as varicose veins, water aerobics classes will relieve the patients’ blood vessels, and improve blood circulation in the body adjusting the outflow of venous blood.

Qualified specialists of water sports will help you develop an individualized set of workouts and achieve maximum results from training.


Pilates is very popular today. Pilates develops coordination, improves flexibility, and teaches to move gracefully and beautifully. Pilates is one of the safest modes of training. No other exercise has such a mild effect on the body, which also strengthens it.


Massage has a positive effect on the overall blood circulation, thus while massage is performed an improvement of blood circulation through the arteries takes place, and blood flow through the veins is accelerated.

In addition, therapeutic massage improves significantly lymph circulation, a smooth evacuation of vessels through which circulate the lymph. In «Edem Fitness & Spa», various types of massage are offered: classic, sports, health, relaxing, and cups.

Our experienced masseuse will help you cope with the many pressing issues and receive a heavenly pleasure.


«Edem Fitness & Spa» - an ideal place for a luxury SPA relaxation.

Exfoliation – is a very important procedure that cleanses the skin from the top of the stratum corneum. Exfoliation helps skin renewal and as a result, it becomes smooth, soft and supple. Peel improves the texture and color of the skin, making it look younger, healthier and more attractive.

Wet steam

Cozy atmosphere in wet steam sauna will allow you to have a good time and had a good warm up. Following a good warm up, you can cool off under cold water from a bucket in the dressing room. After steaming, it is good to feel the recreational force of the oak broom. They inject heat, massage the body.

The Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna removes a lot of toxins and impurities. Our lungs begin to work harder, the heart is actively pumping blood, and blood circulation throughout the body is stimulated, which has a positive effect on the cardio - vascular system.

Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath or "Hamam" embodies a piece of oriental culture, which combines physical cleansing and restores the spiritual renewal and rebirth. You will feel the atmosphere of sophistication of the East and harmony, which has a positive effect on the human body, restoring strength and making you full of energy.

Manicure and pedicure

We invite beautiful women and boys to the world of beauty and health.

In «Edem Fitness & Spa» you can use the services of a professional master of manicure and pedicure. Treat yourself to a pampering experience. Look forward to a manicure and pedicure.

Impeccable service, professional masters and comfortable atmosphere will help you relax and have fun.


After a good exercise, it would be good to eat. Phyto- bar will offer you a range of dishes: salads, appetizers, cocktails, juices and a wide selection of teas for a perfect feeling.


A sports complex «Edem Fitness & Spa», located in the first district of Baku, offers a quiet and cozy environment away from the noise of the city. Visitors are offered a full range of treatments for body massages and a gym equipped with exercise equipment from leading manufacturers.

In «Edem Fitness & Spa» you will have a nice time and a good rest.

Concentrated here are the most current trends in the fitness industry and SPA: Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, wet sauna, swimming pool, aerobics room, and a gym.

«Edem Fitness & Spa» is created for those who wish to treat themselves and their loved ones with bright colors and an unforgettable experience. The name of the complex promises you a heavenly pleasure and magical world of enjoyment. If you decided to do exercise for the benefit of your soul and body - come to the new sports recreation complex «Edem Fitness & Spa»!

«Edem Fitness & Spa» - is a perfect place for a luxury SPA-vacation, be sure that you leave here renewed and ready to restart your life again.

After all, our complex is designed for those who want to present themselves and their family members with a vacation paradise, bright colors and an unforgettable experience.


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