Range of services

"MEGACITY CLUB & SPA" offers a wide range of services for its visitors:

• Gyms
• Pool
• Massage room
• Aerobics hall
• Phyto-bar
• Dry and wet steam saunas
• Jacuzzi
• Hydro-massage bath
• USM (underwater shower massage). Included in the complex treatment of the back: low back pain, myositis.
• Services of a stylist
• Medical cosmetologist
• Personal trainer
• Manicure Services


Sports complex "MEGACITY CLUB & SPA" has a 6 year history, and is one of the modern sports - recreation centers. The sports complex is equipped with the latest equipment.

The complex has two sports halls - for men and women. Facilities for men and women include exercise equipment, which are the latest in the world of fitness - industry. In the women's fitness hall there is a line of simulators specially selected for women as the emphasis is on the zone of the thighs, buttocks, abs and legs. With their help, your body will become perfect. In the men's gym, in addition to physical training, a table tennis is also available. The temperature in the room is 22 ° C  in summer and 24° C  in winter.

A separate mirrored hall for aerobics, Pilates and dance meets the highest technical requirements and is fully equipped for conducting trainings. For an effective workout, any additional equipment will be at your disposal: step - platforms, dumbbells of various weights, weighting, mats for training, balls and skipping ropes.

A convenient pool 20 meters long and 6 meters wide, equipped with a special cleaning system through which the pool water becomes crystal clear and the temperature is 27° C  - 28° C . Nearby the swimming pool there is a Jacuzzi where the water is completely drained once a day and goes through a continuous filtering. t 36° C 

The complex "MEGACITY CLUB & SPA" offers wet and dry saunas for both men and women. Temperature in the dry sauna is 90° C  - 95° C , and in the wet sauna 50° C  - 45° C .

Phyto bar "MEGACITY CLUB & SPA" offers a wide range of beverages. Fresh juice, various types of teas, tonics and sedatives to help rid the body of toxins.

The complex is served by qualified personnel and meets all the requirements set. Our coaches have become champions of Baku and Azerbaijan, prize winners of CIS and European championships.
Training can be conducted independently or under the personal guidance of a highly qualified instructor.

In the territory of the sports complex, trainings and tournaments in table tennis, bench - press, and swimming competitions for children are conducted.

The complex houses a massage room. Experienced massage therapists - true masters of their job can offer a wide variety of different massage techniques and a variety of extra services using the best massage cosmetics.

USM (underwater shower massage) is part of a comprehensive treatment of the back: low back pain and myositis. It also stimulates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

"MEGACITY CLUB & SPA" also offers the services of a stylist, modeling and design of nails and a cosmetologist.

We work, you relax!